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Leisure Facilites

As experts of leisure-sport facilities cleaning, we offer a service tailored to our clients individual needs.

Our team uses the most up-to-date equipment that allows us to offer a wide range of services. With each of our clients, we work individually to tailor cleaning services depending on their needs. 

Our employees are fully trained and are compliant with all relevant health and safety standards, ensuring a high-quality, professional service.



GMRS Cleaners Leisure cleaning services will help your premises to keep on top of facility safety standards and regulations.

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Leisure cleaning services.png

Services Covered

  • Hygiene Cleaning

  • Disinfection

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • High Level Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Difficult Access Cleaning


Having 14years of experience in commercial cleaning industry, we've learned and selected the best solutions for every type of premises. 

Cost Effective

Look no further, if you’re looking for professional cleaning services in Dublin at affordable prices.

Customer Focused

All our cleaning services are tailored for every customer individually. We aim to understand your needs and offer for you the most effective way.


Professional, experienced team, best products, and equipment – all three together allows us to ensure a professional cleaning service every time.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

If you're looking for a residential cleaning Solutions, check our list of services for domestic cleaning in Dublin area.

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