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Office Cleaning

Trust your office cleanliness to a proffesional GMRS Cleaners team and we will ensure a tidy and well sanitized working environment in your offices. 

No matter large or small your office is, we know that a tidy and clean working environment is crucial to ensuring the wellbeing of your staff and customer.


When it comes to office cleaning services, there are different options in terms of scheduling and services. Whatever if you are looking to use GMRS Cleaners cleaning services just once or set up a regular schedule, we will cover your needs. 

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Why professional office Cleaning is Important?

Regular Office Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. It helps keep your office environment safe and healthy for your team members. Also, more likely, visitors and potential clients will feel more encouraged to engage with your business.

Untidy and unclean indoor premises is the perfect place for germs and bacterias, which is why the number of sick days your employee takes each year directly correlates to the number of germs on an office desk. 

Thus, the purpose of a professional office cleaning services is to make the premises cleaner, healthier and safer working environment by removing the common germs and allergens from computers, keyboards, desks, lunchroom tables, carpets, and bathrooms. Office cleaning means healthier team members and much more efficient work.

Check our article to know more on how office cleaning can improve your business efficiency

All our cleaning services are tailored to suit every customer's need, which is why we discuss all details and coverage areas with every client individually before setting up a cleaning plan.

We offer basic commercial office cleaning packages for general cleaning services and more comprehensive packages for specialized office cleaning jobs. 

Get in touch with us today to know more.

What is included in Office Cleaning services?

Does my office needs a deep cleaning services?

The office is the place that is open almost daily throughout the year, which is why it is expected that it needs deep cleaning from time to time. 

 A deep cleaning ensures that germs, bacteria, and dust particles are fully removed from the corners and hidden places of the workspace.

Even at times when premises look clean and dust-free, there are hidden parts where the eye does not catch things quickly. Also, if your premises have rugs or carpets, it is good to arrange deep cleaning periodically to remove all germs and bacteria. 

Consider booking a deep cleaning for your office? Contact us today to get your FREE Quote. 

Why Choose Us?


Having 14years of experience in commercial cleaning industry, we've learned and selected the best solutions for every type of premises. 

Customer Focused

All our cleaning services are tailored for every customer individually. We aim to understand your needs and offer for you the most effective way.

Cost Effective

Look no further, if you’re looking for professional cleaning services in Dublin at affordable prices.


Professional, experienced team, best products, and equipment – all three together allows us to ensure a professional cleaning service every time.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

If you're looking for a residential cleaning Solutions, check our list of services for domestic cleaning in Dublin area.

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